Until now, only venture capitalists and highly connected angel investors have been able to participate in Vietnam’s growth at the entrepreneurial level. Vemanti offers the opportunity for anyone to access investment opportunities in small, privately owned companies through our portfolio.

Because Vemanti is a publicly traded company in the U.S., investing in Vemanti provides a viable exit plan: You can sell your shares in the public market.

This is in direct contrast to locking your investment up in a private equity fund. It’s also in contrast to investing in country ETFs, which typically include sizable exposure to some of Vietnam’s largest, most inefficient state-owned companies (mainly banks and conglomerates) that trade at pretty high multiples.

Make no mistake, the growth opportunity in Vietnam and Southeast Asia is historic and apparent for as far as the eye can see — the next 50 years. At Vemanti, we strongly believe the winning strategy is a diversified portfolio of early stage private technology companies that are growing fast and can be acquired at very attractive valuations.