Our Strategy

Vemanti invests in small, privately held high-tech companies in Vietnam — the #2 growth market in the world.

Vemanti targets software and other technology services firms with the potential for explosive growth.

We are more interested in leading edge than bleeding edge: Do the M&A targets solve a basic problem? Can they scale rapidly, capture market share and generate cash flow? Do they have intellectual property that can be protected? Can they serve other markets in the ASEAN region?

We understand Vietnam, what drives deal flow, and how to successfully integrate and accelerate the growth of acquired companies.

Vemanti is the accelerator to maximize the opportunity.

Our management team, including Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, has decades of experience managing onshore and offshore, working with foreign companies seeking to establish a market presence in Vietnam, as well as with Vietnam-based companies on U.S. market entry, product deployment and corporate structuring.

The team was assembled for the express purpose of sourcing attractive M&A opportunities, developing and scaling them, and building valuation for Vemanti shareholders.

Why Vietnam?

While most of the world’s economies are relatively mature, Vietnam is at the very early stage of a tech boom. The country is growing at a rate second only to China. Some call Vietnam, which has a bigger population than California, New York and Florida combined, the "New China.”

With political stability, low valuations, low costs, and increasing flows of capital, Vietnam’s rapid growth is understandable. The demographics alone suggest a fast, sustainable trajectory ahead: 

- 93 million people

- Average age of 28

- 73% of women work, compared with 50% worldwide

- 94% literacy rate

- About 70% still live in rural areas; urbanization is in early stages

Most investors view Vietnam through the prism of manufacturing. Indeed, "Made in Vietnam” is an increasingly common label. At Vemanti, we see the opportunity through a different lens. The super-charged Vietnamese manufacturing sector has created a need for business services, and spurred homegrown businesses to serve the market, notably technology companies. The economy also is producing a consumer class with spending power that is fueling a sharp rise in e-commerce and consumer services.

Vietnam’s fledgling digital economy has the potential to be the next Silicon Valley. Well-educated, imaginative entrepreneurs are launching software, communications, Internet and e-commerce businesses with remarkable products and services.

We believe so strongly in Vietnam’s potential that we named our company Vemanti, which is an anagram for Vietnam.