Vemanti Group Announces Corporate Quarterly Updates and Developments

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - April 04, 2017) -Vemanti Group, Inc. ( OTC PINK:VMNT) a diversified holding corporation, today provides its corporate quarterly updates and developments. The Company's Q1 financial report will be issued in the near future.

Going forward, the Company is turning its focus on serving as a venture capital vehicle where investments will be made into early-stage high-tech companies in the emerging market of Vietnam.

The Company believes that Vietnam is positioned to be the source of outsized investment returns based on the following factors compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers:

  • Projected to be one of the biggest economies by 2050, the country continues to be ranked among the world's fastest-growing.
  • Helped by low-costs, Vietnam is becoming the 'New China' with global manufacturers. During the last five years, approximately $80 billion of direct investment has flowed into Vietnam, with $15.8 billion in 2016.
  • Multinational companies setting up plants in the country are transforming the nation into Asia's manufacturing hotspot for electronics goods, including smartphones.
  • Since 1990, its economy has averaged nearly 6% growth per year, 2nd in the world only to China.
  • Recent trends also suggest that the U.S-Vietnam relationship has been moving closer on strategic and economic ties, laying the foundation for a more sustainable partnership in the longer term.
  • The Asian Development Bank forecasts Vietnam's economic growth at 6.3% in 2017. With 94.5 million people (more than California, New York, and Florida combined), 45 million internet users and 30 million smart phone users, Vietnam is fast becoming a regional technology hub, with companies attracted by the combination of low-cost high-tech talent and global visionaries. Indeed, some even claim that Vietnam is on the road to becoming the next Silicon Valley.
  • The private enterprise sector is currently underserved by seed stage venture capital firms.

Mr. Tan Tran, CEO of Vemanti, commented, "As a diversified company, we're always interested in getting into fast developing markets such as the legal cannabis industry. However, that Industry remains a regulation-muddled space for the foreseeable future. After much exploration, we've decided on a path more suited to our core strengths. Being an investment conduit into Vietnam has always been part of our long-term strategy. Now, it is our main focus."

The Company believes that while Vietnam's top down economic picture is good, non-state-owned SME's are difficult to invest in. Investors tend to favor Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) in Vietnam. However, the company feels that those ETF's tend to favor Vietnam's largest, inefficient state-owned companies that also happen to trade at pretty high multiples.

"Our investment strategy for Vietnam will be bottom up rather than top down. This will help capture the vitality of Vietnam's fast growing private enterprises. We strongly believe the winning formula is a diversified portfolio of early-stage private technology companies that are growing fast and at very attractive valuations. Vietnam is at the very early stage of the tech boom. Most of the companies are pre-seed or seed stage companies, meaning we can get in for 'cheap.' We believe there are plenty of near-term investment opportunities in sectors like Consumer Tech, EdTech, FinTech, SaaS, and E-Commerce where dealflow continues to shine, but ultimately there is no specific vertical of focus. We'll be active and simply returns-focused," Tran further commented.

The Company is preparing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and making plans to kick-start the above strategy. The goal is to add at least 5 companies to its portfolio by the end of year. It already has a long and established history of being a market leading provider of prepaid voice traffic from the U.S. to Vietnam, with its software development team based there since 2005. The Company's CEO, Tan Tran, has more than 12 years of managing experience in Vietnam on strategy and execution across networking technologies, software development, security, SaaS, mobile banking, e-commerce, payments, telecommunications, etc. Tan has worked extensively with foreign companies looking to establish a market presence in Vietnam as well as with Vietnam-based companies on U.S. market entry, product deployment, and corporate structuring strategy.

The following are other recent developments:

  • VoiceStep's core VoIP business continues to be a stable revenue driver for the Company and remains cash positive. It's collaborating with a strategic partner on a new business plan aimed at increasing its revenue to a level equal to multiples of millions within 3-5 years by pivoting away from wholesale international calling services and focusing on business class telephone services, a market that is still projected to be $82.5 Billion by 2019.
  • Testing for MedicatedOne's new line of cannabis-infused edibles has been wrapped up with BudGenius, an independent cannabis testing lab ( Results for proper dosage per serving have been satisfactory. However, with CBD extracts now classified as illegal by the DEA, the Company has suspended its R&D efforts on CBD-infused edibles and is reviewing divestiture options.
  • The Company is working with a U.K.-based payment processor for its planned mobile payments subsidiary and has started preliminary co-development work. Even though the project has made good technical progress, the amount of time and effort still required in making it a fully-compliant, transparent, and commercially viable solution for the cannabis industry continues to be slow-going and time-consuming. The current scope of work will continue but likely de-emphasized once the Company starts on its Vietnam investment strategy.

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Vemanti Group, Inc. ( OTC PINK:VMNT) is a diversified holding corporation that's looking to be active in high-growth and technology-driven emerging markets. The Company plans to grow by adding value-added and fundamentally-sound businesses to its portfolio.

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