Where is the Company incorporated?
Vemanti Group is incorporated under the laws of State of Nevada since April 03, 2014, and is currently headquartered in Newport Beach, California.
Where can I find corporate actions/amendments associated with the Company?
Please visit Nevada Secretary of State website by following this link.
Where can I find Company's filings and disclosures?
You may find our current information based on Alternative Reporting Standard through the OTC Disclosure & News Service pursuant to OTC Pink Basic Disclosure Guidelines. Please click here.
What is the Company’s strategy going forward?
Since inception, the Company's focus has been to focus on acquisition, investment, and development of emerging companies in high-growth markets. We have taken a more diversified approach to our current and future operations in order to achieve high growth for the Company, this will include but not limited to acquisitions of technology-driven and consumer-driven companies.
How I can get in touch with the Company?
You may visit our contact page, where you can contact us by mail, email or phone.
How can I purchase common stock of the Company?
You must contact your broker or other financial intermediary in order to purchase our common shares, which are traded over-the-counter under the symbol OTC Pink: VMNT.
What is the Company Dividend Policy?
For the foreseeable future, we anticipate that we will use any funds available to finance the growth of the Company and that we will not pay cash dividends to stockholders.
What are the risk factors associated in buying/holding Company’s common stock?
The Company operates in a highly competitive industry and has to compete for market share with other companies, most of them are larger, have greater resources for raising capital, and have more technological advantages. The intensity of competition, combined with the cyclicality and unpredictability of our market segments, results in significant variations in economic performance, which may have a material adverse effect on the Company’s business, future revenues, financial condition, and results of operations or prospects.
What are the tax implications of owning the Company's common stock?
Holders or potential holders of common shares should consult their own legal or tax advisors as to their particular tax consequences of holding common shares.