Vemanti was founded with a clear mission — to make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital and be part of a public company, and for individual investors to access small private companies involved in emerging technologies, specifically blockchain.

For most company founders, no matter how successful they are, fundraising tends to be the worst and most distracting part of sustaining and growing a company. For entrepreneurs, Vemanti offers capital by acquiring companies or taking a majority interest in them. As a result, founders can preserve their initial investment, spend less time fundraising, and more time building their businesses.

Because Vemanti is a publicly traded company in the U.S., entrepreneurs have an exit plan: You can sell your shares in the public market.

Expertise In Additional To Capital

As partners who acquire or invest in small private companies, Vemanti helps entrepreneurs navigate sometimes treacherous business waters together. We sweat with you through the night helping to carefully construct a product launch… develop plans to expand into new segments and markets… improve quality, compliance and productivity… and cultivate team cultures and organizations where everyone feels valued, motivated and empowered.

We like to incubate small teams with big ideas that can potentially grow to become powerhouses. We are as committed as you are to business success.

If you are an owner/entrepreneur, investment banker, venture capitalist, private equity investor, or other individual representing a company that wants to be considered for acquisition or an investment by Vemanti, we’d like to hear from you.