Vemanti Group, Inc. CEO, Tan Tran, is Featured on The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - August 20, 2020) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Vemanti Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: VMNT) ("the Company"), a technology-driven multi-asset company that seeks to be active in high-growth and emerging markets. Strategically, it focuses mainly on opportunities involving blockchain applications combined with other technologies such as machine learning/AI and aims to grow through innovative startups that have market viable products. CEO of the Company, Tan Tran, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly welcomed the Company for the first time on the Stock Day Podcast, and asked for a brief overview of their background and current projects. "We go and find early-stage, post-revenue companies in the FinTech sector, make an early investment, get them developed, and then work on getting them additional capital," explained Tran, adding that as these FinTech companies expand, the Company's valuation and investment portfolio grows.

Jolly then congratulated Tran on the Company's success with institutional investors, and asked about their strategy in securing these funds. "It comes down to fundamentals," said Tran. "Unless your business model is sound and solid, no institutional investor is going to give you money," he continued, noting that these types of investors have a long list of criteria that must be met to qualify for an investment. "Then the due diligence starts," he added. "They do risk management analysis on everything in terms of people, assets, and operations," explained Tran. "The secret is very simple, Everett. You just have to pass everything."

"So, what does this mean for us as a company? It means that we are a company that is able to meet professional and institutional standards, which makes us different from many other early-stage companies. This is something that we're very proud of," shared Tran.

"Now that you have capital to grow your company, are you putting it to work right away?" asked Jolly. "The idea of getting more capital is to generate more revenue and profits. Especially in this industry, it makes no sense to have funds sitting idly," said Tran. "Our mission is to make a positive economic and social impact by helping SMEs and middle-class entrepreneurs grow and sustain their businesses," he shared.

"If we don't put all the capital we have to work right away, we're missing the whole point of why we're doing this," said Tran. "So, yes, we're going to deploy this as fast as we can."

Jolly then asked about the possibility of a gold refinery investment and acquisition. "What I can say at this point is that there is a lot of traction and the negotiation is moving along nicely," said Tran. "Once the terms and conditions are confirmed, we'll have more information to share with the public," he added, noting that the company is located near one of Barrick Gold Corporation's mining operations in West Africa. "Our target is to have at least 20% equity in this company with options for more," said Tran. "We expect the equity exchange to take place quickly, but the later steps require bringing in an investment banker, so it will take some time to get everything finalized."

Tran then elaborated on the potential of this partnership. "This is going to be a long-term, revenue-driven investment for us," said Tran, adding that the Company will look to utilize blockchain technology to help the refinery better manage supply chain challenges and possibly tokenize their gold as a currency and payment form. "We have access to some of the best blockchain engineering talents, so this is something we can actually make happen, not just a talking point."

To close the interview, Tran encouraged listeners to consider the potential of the Company's numerous assets. "There's a lot going on behind the scenes that we haven't told the market about. We're constantly looking for new opportunities to be involved in," said Tran. "If you're looking for something as an investment, and not just a stock to flip, you should take a look at VMNT."

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Vemanti Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: VMNT) is a technology-driven multi-asset company that seeks to be active in high-growth and emerging markets. Our core strengths are in technology development and investment. We drive growth through acquisition and investment in disruptive and foundational technologies by targeting early-stage companies that have market viable products or by starting a new subsidiary of our own. Strategically, we focus mainly on fintech applications combined with other emerging technologies, including blockchain and machine learning/AI.

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