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Personalized digital banking solutions for growing SMEs in Southeast Asia

Simple financial solutions for international businesses
We have a specific mission: to serve the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Southeast Asia with personalized digital banking services to help them expand and become more integrated with the global economy through solutions built around their actual operational and strategic needs.
More like private banking for SMEs expanding overseas
Internationalization has quickly become reality in many sectors and companies of all sizes are affected. We're tech-driven but human-led. At the end of day, it’s all about people. We actively work with SME clients expanding overseas on new ideas and approaches. We don’t engage with a client unless we know we can help them grow. We’re not about offering several products to many clients, only delivering simple, sharp solutions tailored to the needs of targeted customers.

With Vietnam as the focal starting point, we aim to be a valuable financial partner for the SMEs in Southeast Asia, helping their business become borderless and together shaping the region into a global economic powerhouse of growing supply chains and manufacturing.

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Easily accept & send payments worldwide, whether paying vendors, running payroll, or sending payments overseas, with lower transaction & FX fees.
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